D2C Directions Lay Ahead

I was thinking about HP, Hassan, and the TeleNav team the other day and went over to visit their site, which I hadn't checked in some time. The first surprise I found was an overhaul from the previous technology OEM kind of presence they once had, now designed towards a fresh direct-to-consumer type of presence; not only for familiar carrier-branded and Smartphone Nav apps, but also for their own connected PND and a new in-beta TeleNav Maps service.

I hadn't heard anything about the Maps service, and after running a few searches was also unable to find any news or gossip about it either. I suppose it's a hush-hush thing for now, or maybe I just missed it. In any case, the service is nice (I think it still has a V8 deCarta DDS engine under the hood) and the cartography and slippy maps UI & UX should look very familiar to most people who use maps on the Web. Check it out.