Defining, Redefining, and Refining LBS

APB posted a podcast revisiting the age old challenge of defining LBS. In lieu of older, no longer relevant definitions rooted within telecom regimes specific to cellular camps, I now use the following with academic peers and Saturday geeks squads who can't get enough. We think it's a more holistic, fixed-mobile convergence definition that captures Semiconductor, Mobile Broadband, Web, and Consumer Electronic Manufacturer perspectives across a diversity of networks and devices:

A Location-based service (a.k.a. location service, location-based application, location enabled service, location enhanced service, etc) is any information, communications, emergency, entertainment, or fused application service based on the determined location of any Internet-connected, un-tethered mobile or portable device. Devices can include laptop computers, ultra-mobile PCs, hand-held multimedia computers, personal digital assistants, Smartphone’s, personal navigation devices, personal media players, and other single purpose devices connected to the Web over an Internet connection - be it fixed or wireless.

What do you think?