A Wisdom of the Crowds MPC/GMLC

So I've been too busy to comment on news, but heard about Verizon allegedly opening up under pressure (I'll believe it when I see it), about Google's 700 Mhz "money where our mouth is" intention, and about MyLocation.  What do they all have in common?  Freedom, and the impending end of a tyrannical good ol' boys club of privileged access to scarce mobile Location resources. 

The later is remarkable.  I don't think MyLocation is RF science or algorithmic, but rather sources inherent handset-based Cell-ID keys and couples them with anonymous and voluntary GPS positions through Maps usage, which is elegant; as is appending voluntary address inputs with Cell-ID keys to further build up the database.  It's classic Google and looks like what LBS old-timers might consider a wisdom of the crowds MPC/GMLC minus the privacy management mechanics.

...Lets hope this manifests itself as a wrecking ball against walls for Cell-ID access and perceived value, allowing anyone to start building applications, not just those who have built their business on courting carriers who still foolishly assume this data is worth something.  These guys aren't so special now, neither is the information, and I suspect you'll be free to compete in an open market soon enough (and once this is commoditized by the very people who use and generate it).