Investing in OpenStreetMap Ideas?

The most intersting panel comment from State of the Map 2011 came from Microsoft: 

We are very interested in embracing new ideas that keep the map updated.

While they made it clear they plan to do this with new software - the question is - software for who? Software for consumer OSM map producers or software for OSM GIS curators connecting the dangles, disconnects, and overshoots? Both I should think are of interest, and if that's the case, here's a suggestion for Microsoft - why not start an incubation program & fund to bring-in new ideas to update the map?

Here's one business-plan-ready idea I have that does three things:

  1. Gathers and creates raw street data with speed observations for OSM.
  2. Keeps teen drivers safe behind the wheel while making it fun.
  3. Offers knowledge to concerned/loving parents.

This could be a different kind of OSM party if embraced the right way...