A Decade of Location-Based Services Mergers & Acquisitions

For about four years, I've made a hobby of collecting Location Technology mergers and acquisitions transaction data - a project I started to support my own independent market research. In addition to my own uses of the information, I've also always made it publicly available as a community resource. I've received feedback that it's useful and that it has helped a few folks. That's all I could hope for. If it helps the community, great.  

That said, I've recently felt pressure to continue regular upkeep of the list, and as a result, I've entrusted Marc Prioleau to help keep it in good standing going forward. Before passing the baton however, I wanted to publish one last piece of good will. The below infographic was created by Infographic World. They did a fantastic job creating this beautiful image from the list. I can't thank Justin enough for all his effort to produce it. If you ever need an infographic, please give him a call.