Let's build a better connected world together through APIs

Below is a post from the PB Software Digital Insights Blog. Join us. Let's build a better connected world together through APIs! 

APIs allow us to automate today’s physical-and-digital businesses, and breakdown once-siloed, disparate sources of information, communications, and commerce systems together to offer better-bound, faster, more efficient integration options. When we combine our collective ecosystem contributions together through cooperation, building on the spirit of open collaboration, we make it easier for everyone (especially our customers), and we blaze new paths forward for exciting open innovation.

For all of us who provide APIs—competitor-partner-or-collaborator—our common collective goal is to make our customer more successful in the digital age through machine-to-machine automation. We strive to make our customers more agile, more competitive, more flexible, and help them grow. It’s about them first. We help them when we all work together, placing ourselves in selfless second.

When we do, our collective contributions through APIs offer the glue that help us help them make a better world. I tend to think it’s our dedication & commitment to helping them deliver this promise that makes all the difference. This is a topic that I am personally very passionate about and something I’ve strived to support my entire life. The sum of all parts is greater than any individual contribution, and when we combine strengths through reciprocal, genuine support, we collectively make magical & miraculous things happen.

Our collective APIs are the building blocks for new technology-driven products and services. That is why we recently opened up our APIs to our clients, partners and developers on the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud to purposefully generate new applications with our location intelligence technologies.

How to Get Involved

We recently sponsored an IoT Hackathon for Cities challenge in Santa Clara at IoT World, alongside with our ecosystem partners at GE, Cisco and Amazon. Over 200 developers participated in this event. The winning team of developers used a mix of technologies (including a Pitney Bowes Geo911 API) to create a defibrillator that could call 911 in an emergency and even track the closest ambulance to your location. Read more about this really cool application.

For everyone who is inspired by this competition, you should know that there is another opportunity for you to jump in and seize.

GE is sponsoring the Intelligent World Hackathon, and participants can use the opportunity to build an IoT application powered by the Predix platform and all of our GeoLocation APIs. This is an opportunity to develop smarter city services including traffic planning, parking planning, pedestrian planning or public safety. Please help us spread the word and encourage participation.

For more information about the GE Intelligent World Hackathon, please click here. Or feel free to reach out (Jon.Spinney@pb.com) if you want to bounce any ideas off of me, as I am happy to support our collective open innovation processes.