Transient Advantages

Rita McGrath presents some thought-provoking questions in her book about transient advantages and continuous self-disruption, experimentation, and individual & corp. development. She says if you answer "no" to any of these questions that you better think hard about how to become more transient. 

  • If my current employer let me go, it would be relatively easy to find a similar role in another organization for equivalent compensation. 
  • If I lost my job today, I am well prepared and know immediately what I would do next. 
  • I've worked in some meaningful capacity (employment, consulting, volunteering, partnering) with at least five different organizations within the last two years.
  • I've learned a meaningful new skill that I didn't have before in the last two years, whether it is work related or not. 
  • Ive attended a course or training program within the last two years, either in person or virtually
  • I could name, off the top of my head, at least ten people who would be good leads for new opportunities. 
  • I actively engage with at least two professional or personal networks. 
  • I have enough resources (savings or other) that I could take the time to retrain, work for a small salary, or volunteer in order to get access to a new opportunity. 
  • I can make income from a variety of activities, not just my salary.
  • I am able to relocate or travel to find new opportunities.