Decks for My Office

My home office is tired (or maybe I'm bored of it) so I have been thinking about how to color it up with decorations. My office walls have color - photos of my family - a snowboard & a couple skateboards drilled to the wall, fishing rods resting on a wall-mounted rack, a vibrant & varied shelf of empty rare sour-beer bottles, green plants, stickers representing all sorts of interests & palettes, old brown & green coffee cans stuffed with odds & sods, drawers full of colorful this & that, and such...

But, I have an empty off-white 4x4ft wall space available I need to cover. Not decided, but I think 6 more skate decks with the below orientation and abstract labeling might cover the space. More art per deck would/could be ingredients, but I'm preoccupied with circular orientation, concept labeling, and primary color-spectrum backgrounds (and how they mix).