I've Moved to Sports Tracker

I was once an avid fan and user of Bones in Motion (acquired by Adidas Feb 19, 2009). It was one of the first location-smart mobile fitness apps available (i.e. Java ME and BREW). I used it religiously to record more than 100 snowboarding sessions over the course of ~6 years. After the service was assimilated into Adidas and renamed miCoach, I used it a couple times. The retired experience wasn't the same. It was a closed-loop Brand experience, whereas BiM Active was entirely open and network agnostic. Spencer can likely explain why. Open was a good decision back then, and still is today. 

I've never owned a pair of Adidas sneakers, so that affiliation wasn't important to me, nor was it relevant to Snowboarding. I also needed alternative social scope beyond the Adidas running/jogging community. Net/net, miCoach was not a fit for me. I stopped using it half way through the 2010/2011 winter season.

I've been without a free (as in freedom) mobile fitness companion since then. I toyed with Runkeeper, but it didn't stick. I liked Google's My Tracks (born and developed in Boulder, +1), but I'm not a fan of "Addroid" devices at the moment. Companionless, my loneliness plus Glenn's endorsements and write-ups influenced me to try Sports Tracker, which I used for the first time yesterday at A-Basin. I really like it on the phone (and on the Web especially), but I wish the Sports Tracker product designers & engineers would add "Snowboarding" as an activity type (or allow me to create it under "other"), and I also wish they would add support for social publishing customizations. I don't like "Skiing" because I don't Ski, and dislike being forced into a non-customizable #hashtag tweeting template. ...Better if a vanity tiny URL was supported for socializing the service on mainstream social channels - it deserves that. Snow snob social grumbles aside, I am decidedly in favor of friending Sports Tracker for the 2011/2012 season.   

Here's my first run: