Slogans, Then and Now

I'm not sure how important company slogans are these days... I've taken a bit of a creative marketing hiatus recently so haven't thought about their meanings much. That said, I just had a breif moment of enlightenment...

When I first got involved with mobile location services, the group of folks I worked with developed a slogan around "it's not just who you are, it's where you are". We thought about that extensively, and decided it was fitting because mobility at that time was mostly about identity, not about place, even though place was always there to begin with. Indeed, how else could cellular users connect with each other if the network didn't know individual whereabouts. duh. 

Anyway, with miniaturized 'geolocation' tech now in everything that moves, I briefly reflected on that slogan and realized the inverse is now true. It's not about where you are (that's now a given), it's about who you are with in situ digital context. Beyond who and where, my thoughts now gravitate to the when, what, why, and how. I'm pretty sure adding these basics to the mix will become the foundations of our connected futures and smart interactions with the physical world.