A $99 iPhone 3G, App Storing, & BOBOs

I was hoping for a bit more from Apple, but the big news of the day is the iPhone 3G price drop to $99 - that's huge! And while the new 3G S sports speed (both network (HSDPA) and hardware varieties), the 3G $99 price drop news is really something special because it pushes the iPhone beyond the laptop & latte's demographic into the feature-phone price segment, making it obtainable by a wider mass market majority. That could be a big deal in the year ahead as the superphone leader board gap narrows in a commodity game that has thus far been played best by feature-phone giants.

Beyond this, the other lesser news of the day out of WWDC (but ones I'm personally curious to learn more about) are the TomTom and Nike+ location-based app announcements. Specifically, I wonder if they were each able to ink billing-on-behalf-of agreements with AT&T, or if they are both now one of thousands competing in the iTunes AppStore directory? I tend to think of this as a big question to ask because the answer typically indicates whether or not the service will capitalize on the opportunity, succeed, or merely compete with dozens of other similar apps on price alone... If you know, please drop me a note on @jspinney Thanks.