@deepdarksee leaks news

@deepdarksee is not worth following.  He'd likely admit that as well because 1) he seldom contributes to twitternation, and 2) he's a social sharing pioneer who started working on 'community' years ago and it might be dull.  That said, he tweeted tonight for some reason- a deliberate move I must presume.  

@deepdarksee's tweet is driven from a significant development for a group of friends he and I equally hold dear - more so for him, because he helped build their mobile product.  For me, it's exciting because I've always believed in their product and them, because I use it religiously, and because they are collectively and individually the classiest tech team I've ever had the opportunity to work with as an enabler and partner.  

I was told earlier today by the founder he would offer-up first-dibs to write about the next chapter in their the adventure.  It's an epic tale containing all the the details of an ecosystem history for the LBS ages, and I can't wait to describe it.  Until then, congrats guys!