Where 2.0 2008 Notable Quotes

I'm at Where 2.0 today only. Here are a few notable quotes paraphrased but in context with some comments...

At O’Reilly we’re interested in finding things in the underground and helping them become mainstream. I think Where 2.0 is now mainstream.

-Brady Forest, Where 2.0 Chairman, During the May 13 welcome

[Translation, Brady found himself.  Just kidding.  What he means is Where 2.0 is prime time now.  The audience here is 3 times the size what it was when I first attended, and no longer a geohacker-only event, but now a mainstream geospatial gathering.] 

What is refreshing about Everyblock is that they’re feeding me data instead of asking me to give them my data.

-Adrian Holovaty, Everyblock,  …On the topic of public information/building permits data from local governments

I have two objectives here today, 1) to tell you what we’re doing, and 2) to wake you up. There is no mobile internet, just one internet. Maps on Ovi is a platform for us to extend to the Web and our mobile devices. We’re also interested in enabling the long tail of applications with our APIs

-Michael Halbherr, VP of Location-Based Services, Nokia,  On the topic of Ovi, Nokia’s Web portal

[Nokia is taking on the Web strategy full steam ahead.  It's clear they not only will offer LBS on phones, but also make NAVTEQ maps part of Ovi in the Web browser, plus offer a developer API to access maps, routing, geocoding, etc. and extend these capabilities into new or existing Web & Mobile applications]  

Geography is a really useful lens to look at the world. Geography is a really useful tool to organize information and make it universally accessible.

There are thousands and thousands of servers full of GIS data, but we haven’t had easy access to these. We reached out to an obvious partner, ESRI. They are the leader in GIS. It’s with great pleasure I welcome Jack Dangermond on stage with me today to help us describe how Google and ESRI are allowing GIS data to be used with the GeoWeb.

-John Hanke, Google

We are engineering ArcGIS 9.3 (not to deliberately mention a product) to empower the GeoWeb by supporting FLEX, and javascript to allow GIS users to mash up there GIS data into the GeoWeb.

-Jack Dangermond, ESRI on the topic of how ArcGIS Server is now publishing KML

[This development is huge.  ArcGIS users (hundreds of thousands of businesses across verticals and governments) can now publish their GIS data into Google Earth.  That on the surface is quite powerful, but I wonder if ESRI is giving away the farm here.  I mean, once Google has scraped the publsihed KML data and it's in their geoindex, what value do ESRI publishing systems offer other than updated data currency?  And, can't ESRI users just publish KML from their desktop GIS software?] 

The location infrastructure out there today sucks. Location is really expensive. Too many people in the ecosystem are bloodsucking profiteering gluttons. The three biggest inhibitors are cost, availability, and privacy. We hope to get to something that will be useful for everyone here.

-Sam Altman, Loopt on the topic of Loopt's developer platform

This is this idea of a brokerage.  On the left, anyone can publish location, on the right anyone can use location, with Fire Eagle in the middle.  Fire Eagle is the lens to look at things, the Yahoo Internet Location Platform is the language to communicate things. 

-Tom Coates, Yahoo, on Fire Eagle