"Open" at Wireless Innovations 2008

On the topic of openness at the 2008 Dow Jones Wireless Innovations conference...

All carriers have a lot of baggage.  We know we are hard to do business with. We can be caught up in our own bureaucracy with the size of our business.

We are working on a new approach for all our platforms so developers can have access to open software development kits and applications programming interfaces.  We are very excited about a set of open Android APIs and a variety of devices using them.  I hope it will generate development of not dozens but tens of thousands of new applications that will spawn a new level of excitement in this industry.

-Joe Sims, T-Mobile 

Google has really thought through what Apple has just begun to unlock.  Developers are now bringing up media applications on the systems and then will turn to work on location-based services and systems optimization for lowest power and maximum throughput.

-Sy Choudhury, QCT on the topic of Androids port to Qualcomm 3G solutions, which will initially include 5 new handset releases in the next 12 months   

-EE Times