Antenna Acquires Vettro

I haven't commented on news for a while, but this one deserves a mention.  Antenna Software, an enterprise mobility solutions long timer has acquired Vettro, a smaller company that has been around a while and who had notable & admirable field service and sales force automation successes in the financial services, hospitality, and transportation markets.  I think this deserves a mention for two reasons. First, acquisitions are way down from a year ago, and I haven't seen any activity since early September. It is interesting that despite the slowdown, the enterprise mobility sector is still making acquisitions and growing, perhaps validating a trend I suggested we might expect to see during these tough times.  Second, with all the doom & gloom on Wall Street and with the financial sector laying off folks and trimming back on expenses, Antenna still sees a lucrative opportunity to snatch-up Vettro, a company who's staple diet was fed by NYC finance sector customers. Does Antenna know something most don't?