Location-Based Citizen Journalism

Hyperlocal content of the citizen-generated variety isn't hard to come by these days, it's harder to filter its abundance for relevancy.  Paul Lamb in the Idea Lab at PBS suggests using mobile GPS/Location to not only filter and automate proxemic distribution, but also to simplify contribution and reporting in the case of hyperlocal news.  These types of location-based symbiotic content management systems can (and should) be used with any community-of-interest information service - here's a couple maritime examples off the cuff - I've been thinking about boats today. 

  • A fishing service that uses contributed geotagged multimedia hot spots for anglers.  Today they use radios and backcountry tips usually found in local retail stores
  • A sailing/boating service that offers regional mariners up-to-date audio media on ports, harbors, anchorages, and prices, plus descriptions of places frequented.  Today most sailors use out-of-date printed sources of information which lack much needed subjectivity and bias based on user experiences
What else?  Anything else!