Terrain-guided Headlamps and 3D Navigation

Intermap.jpgIntermap [a long-time supplier of supper-high-resolution LIDAR-derived digital elevation models and other remotely sensed products], inked a deal with German Visteon Corporation “to provide accurate 3D road geometries for the entire country of Germany." 

Derived from Intermap’s proactive NEXTMap ® Europe mapping program, the data will be incorporated into the development of advanced applications of a 3D road vector map database for use in future automotive systems. The initial focus will be on predictive adaptive front lighting systems, which offers enhanced visibility for drivers at night by directing the headlamp light, before the driver directs the vehicle into the bend.

With high quality LIDAR data like Intermap's, it conceivable that other smart transportation and navigation features beyond intelligent headlamps could include digital fuel-governing when traveling uphill vs. downhill all the way out and beyond to futuristic semi-automated robotic vehicles that drive themselves.