Wallace leads with Context

Rob Moffat at Wallace Wireless gets it! His RIM Blackberry enterprise customer discussions focus on solution sales where Location is positioned as a contextual enabler of other native Blackberry features—obvious ones like email. He notes business and government customers warm-up to LBS faster if qualified as a mobility feature that enhances mobile enterprise communications and information services, rather than as a standalone application. Ok, that’s a no-brainer for “insiders”, but an important piece of advice nonetheless. The thing I find concerning however is that most large businesses (and certainly governments) know and use GIS, intimately understand and appreciate the value of Location in a mobile setting, but yet GIS professionals aren’t included in dialogues between Wallace and IT folks running enterprise mobility projects! Are GIS pros still ‘down the hall’ in the rat lab working on offline desktop analytical science projects? I hope not. If that’s the case however, we need to collectively step up college-level education efforts to empower recent-grad GIS pros to influence enterprise mobility discussions with IT technical buyers and executive-management financial decision makers purchasing mobile communications applications and platforms.