Qualcomm's LifeComm Lifestyle

1308188-830195-thumbnail.jpgSit-up and take note when Qualcomm announces a Service offering beyond their core chipset product business… Mediaflo aside, the LifeComm health and wellness MVNO plans deserve due attention. Why would the 500 pound gorilla of CDMA infrastructure and chipsets offer an MVNO of their own?

Qualcomm obviously sees a lucrative market opportunity—and their market money-maker is in chipsets, not applications. So, what kind of MVNO would sell more chipsets? One requiring more than mobile-specific content and user interfaces - LifeComm doesn’t need a UiOne-created content consumption engine like ESPN. Rather, LifeComm encompasses a health and wellness lifestyle choice requiring a set of special-purpose devices, applications, and services dedicated to personal health and well-being.  In short, that's a complete fit-for-purpose Carrier. For Qualcomm, it’s an MVNO that not only sells phones, but also includes a portfolio of additional device accessories that create personal area networks for diabetes management, blood pressure and hypertension monitoring, heart pace & health monitoring, and fitness measurements with pedometers. All these devices or sensors have chips - and this is precisely Qualcomm's interest.  Gravy on content and services such as Bones in Motion’s BiM Active, and here’s an MVNO focussed on fusing devices and services together to outfit a lifestyle choice. 

[Disclosure - I'm a fan and avid user of BiM Active]