Mobile Business Models Through Convergence

BusinessWeek has a review on the current state of mobile business models with insight into challenges ahead as Telecom, the Web, and Media industries violently collide and converge with Mobility at the nexus of the struggle. Add to this the emergence of other connected, location-aware consumer electronic devices beyond mobile phones, and there is larger ecosystem time bomb ticking, with developers, content providers, and businesses looking to go mobile faster and through direct means. In the Mobility era, what hurdles stifle the innovation found on the open Web specific to Location? What catalysts push the innovation envelope leading towards a more open mobile Web where creativity and options abound? It’s difficult to know these answers given the ecosystem lane-changing currently occurring, but I hope we are thinking about these issues and powers at work as they will inevitably impact the geospatial/GIS industry given the tight-coupling of Location to Mobility.