The JSR-293 Location API

It's the new year, and I closed out Dec with a trip to Hollywood Florida to support Sprint at their 4th annual Developers Conference.

This event has grown significantly over the years, with 2006 attendance reaching over 1000.  There were a bunch of things LBS going on, but the one thing that stood out for me was Ryan Wick's presentation on JSR-293.  This is a new Java ME API for location is similar to its predecessor JSR-179, but JSR-293 not only includes a way to get at location, but also a set of APIs to map, route, search, geocode, and NAVIGATE.As far as I know RIM i s the first OEM to offer this API (Nokia is leading the JSR working group). And with the emerging trend of OEMs doing LBS Navigation apps themselves, I can see this API being used soon by the mobile Java community.Of interesting note, no one from the geospatial community has joined this JSR working group.